Oil Cooler
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Oil cooler is mainly used for cooling fuel or lubricating oil for vehicles,  ships, engineering machinery, etc.. The hot side of the product is a lubricating oil or fuel, and the cold side can be cooling water or air. In the vehicle running process, the oil in the major lubricating system rely on oil pump power, pass through hot side channel of oil cooler, and transfer the heat to the cold side. While the cooling water or cooling air pass through the cold side of the co0ler, it will take the heat away and complete heat exchange between cold and hot fluids. This process ensures that the lubricating oil is at the most appropriate working temperature. The cooling object includes the engine oil, automatic transmission oil, power steering gear lubricant, etc.. Product main materials including aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel and other metal materials, after welding or assembly, the hot side and cold side channel came become a complete heat exchanger. According to the different cooling medium, the oil cooler can be divided into water cooled oil cooler or air cooled oil cooler. Product structure includes plate fin type, concentric type, donut type, integrated type, stacked type, assembly and other structure types. Product structure is mainly composed of: oil cooler core, oil cooler, oil cooler core + shell, oil cooler core + shell + filter , etc.. The products have the characteristics of compact structure, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, high heat transfer efficiency and good reliability. Because of the variety of the structure, it can be used in various working conditions. Especially air cooling oil cooler can be remote installation, the whole layout is very flexible. Oil cooler and its assembly is an indispensable part of the heat exchanger in the modern automobile and engine lubrication system. It is one of the important components for keeping the normal operation of the vehicle and the engine. With the rapid development of the automotive industry and the continuous tightening of emissions regulations, the product is also continuously upgrading, the pressure and temperature resistant requirements are also higher, and further to the lightweight, compact, modular development.